Our Story

MEPL started its journey by manufacturing colour and black-and-white televisions in the year 1989.
When cable television was first introduced in India, the existing televisions supported only 8 channels, without a remote control. Sensing this opportunity, we started manufacturing 90 channel remote converter kit, which helped convert a normal television set to a fully functional remote television. This innovation was a stepping stone in our journey.
By the year 2000, we started manufacturing and selling DVD players, VCD players, and Home Theatre Systems at a reasonable price. MEPL was a pioneer in 5.1 Home Theater Systems with Dolby-DTS, Optical, and Coaxial inputs. This success laid the foundation for MEPL as an innovative and affordable brand for high-quality products.
We currently manufacture high-quality LED Televisions, Interactive Flat Panel Displays, Home Theatre Systems, and electronic accessories. We also are working with various organizations in the field of digital education and helping deliver quality education for government & private schools and colleges.
We aim to be the first ones in India to start the printer manufacturing facility by June 2022. Most of our products are developed and made in India to suit Indian market needs. As an Indian manufacturing company, we are proud to say that our products are at par with any international brands.
Our core purpose is to introduce technologically advanced, high-quality products at reasonable prices.